Lehigh Valley Notary Services

If you’re in the market for a new car or vehicle, an updated driver’s license, or a change of name, you’re in need of an authorized notary. Look no further than Tom’s Auto Tags and Notary Service for getting what you need quickly.

We are a family owned and operated shop, and we will provide dedicated tag, title and notary service tailored to your needs. Click on any of the notary services below to read more about each service that we offer!

Vehicle services

Look no further than Tom’s Auto Tag and Notary Service for a complete range of vehicle services.

Drivers Liense Service

Get all of your driver’s license needs covered with our quick and convenient services.

Title Transfer Services

Make your title transfer process as smooth as possible by visiting the experts at Tom’s Auto Tag and Notary Service.

Fishing, Boat, ATV & Snowmobiles

No matter what type of vehicle you may have and documents you need, you can rely on Tom’s Auto Tag & Notary Service.

Offering A wide range of notary services

Tom’s Auto Tag and Notary Service is an authorized PennDot online messenger service center.

Make sure you come prepared.